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30th Irish Adlerian Virtual Conference 2022

Saturday 9th July to Sunday 10th July 2022

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Cost: €60 per day or €100 for two days.

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DAY 1: July 9th 2022

Safe Trauma Therapy with Anthea Millar (10.30am - 12.30pm)
In recent years there has been a greatly increased understanding of the complex interactions of neurobiology and psychosocial aspects of trauma. This in turn has enabled the development of more effective, and crucially, safer,
approaches to trauma therapy which integrate very well with an Adlerian
approach. This workshop will introduce some of the essential principles and skills for safe and enabling therapy.

Couples Relationship with Zivit Abramson (1.30pm - 3.30pm)
Every couple has a couple contract. When future partners meet, a hidden contract is being signed, without their knowledge. The clauses of the contract specify what each of them will give, and what each of them will get in the relationship. It is “signed” and closed without conscious deliberation. When we meet, we shall discuss this contract. Understanding it enables us to help couples when they get into difficulties.

Addictions: Simple Steps into a Difficult Situation with Jim Holder (4pm - 6pm)
Individuals simply move from a feeling of inferiority to positive mood states through the use of chemicals which will inevitably bring an addicted person full circle back to the now double fold feeling of inferiority. Treatment is about exploring the addiction process and the movement through insight and personal courage to enhanced social interest.

DAY 2 July 10th

Dreams with Kim Lee Own (10.30am - 12.30pm)
Dreams and daydreams are one of the ‘portals’ to the psyche, in Adlerian theory, along with Family Constellation and Early Recollections, . That is, they are ways of understanding a person’s style of life – their individual blueprint for how to negotiate the world. A great deal can be learned from them, when trying to understand oneself and become more self-aware. Just as the rest of our personality is unified, so too are our dreams and daydreams. What appears in them fits within the pattern of our lifestyle and reflects our hopes, fears and private logic. In this short presentation, we will look at Adlerian concepts, consider how dreams are ‘the factory of emotions’ and how this helps us – and our clients – prepare for what life has in store for us. We will also look at what our dreams can tell us about our lifestyle (personality), and how we view ourselves, others, events and the world in general.

Introduction to Early Recollections and their Uses with Bruce Tate(1.30pm - 3.30pm)
Early Recollections (ERs) play a central role in Adlerian therapy. In ERs we uncover strengths and resources alongside nonverbal messages and descriptions of how we view ourselves, others and life. We might also gain insight, including about our movement and priorities in life. Working with ERs helps to develop insight and encouragement and along with identifying personal strengths, creativity and resources, can help promote choice and an improved sense of personal wellbeing. During the session I will introduce theory related to ERs, outline the basic practice of working with them in the context of Adlerian theory and then move on to give a demonstration to show how to start to explore a memory.

Psychological Muscle and Psychological Health with Paul R. Rasmussen, Ph.D.(4pm - 6pm)
Psychological muscle is proposed as the means for doing the heavy lifting that life requires and is presented in this workshop as the critical dimension of mental health and as a necessary focus of effective therapy. In this workshop, we discuss the three tasks of life (Work, Social, Intimacy) and some of the life tasks, including Spirit, Self-Care and Courage and address the qualities necessary to fulfil those tasks. Often the relationship between the Life Tasks and common markers of mental health and mental illness are lost. We will consider their relationship to the Crucial C’s, Early Recollections and Lifestyle and to the importance of Social Interest.


Irish Adlerian Conference

The first Adlerian Conference was held in Ireland in 1989 and the venue was the Presentation Secondary School in Clonmel. The impetus for the Adlerian Conference idea grew out of the development of Adlerian parent study groups, which were initiated in Ireland as far back as 1980. Out of their establishment grew training programmes for teachers who wished to impart Adlerian ideas in their teaching practice. Teachers held their first week-long Irish Adlerian Conference in 1988 and from there grew a nucleus of enthusiastic Adlerians who conceived of a summer school along the lines of the annual international summer school in a different country each year. (ICASSI). In 1991 and 2004, Ireland hosted ICASSI.

What Happens At the Irish Adlerian Conference?

The Irish Adlerian Conference provides an accessible opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn about themselves, their relationships and the chance to learn skills which are helpful in teaching children, raising children, living within relationships, counselling, dealing with life change. As well, since 1998, we have the new dimension in the Adlerian Conference programme of the children's programme for children of parents attending the Irish Adlerian Conference. This offers the opportunity through play for children to experience ways of living and working co-operatively rather than competitively. This is a basic principle of Adlerian psychology- children strive to belong and can learn useful ways of achieving that goal. We feel that this is a worthwhile investment for community living.

The Adlerian Conference Programme has completely run on the fuel of volunteer effort. We are able to attract renowned Adlerian international presenters to Ireland. The presenters donate their time; the Adlerian Network pays their expenses. It is because of the spirit of contribution that runs right through the Adlerian Conference effort that we have been able to pitch the cost at a level that makes it affordable to as many people as possible. It is the coming together of people from a wide variety of disciplines and experiences that adds to the richness of the experience of the participants.




The impetus for the Adlerian Conference idea grew out of the development of Adlerian parent study groups, which were initiated in Ireland as far back as 1980.
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