Workshop: Dreams. Faciliated by Kim Lee Own

We can learn a great deal about ourselves and become more self-aware from our dreams. Dreams are considered to be one of the key methods to gaining an understanding of the patterns within our lives (how we function in our own world) and reflects our hopes, fears and how we view the world. So what we dream about is a reflection of what we are holding within our unconscious mind.

Booking Details:
Venue: Clonmel Park Hotel
Date:  Saturday 16th November 2019
Time: 9:30am - 5pm

Cost: €80

Mosak and Maniacci, (1999), state that “We generally create dreams in order to reinforce our movement in life, to rehearse future courses of actions, to problem solve and to create a mood for the next day.” All this while we sleep!

During this workshop, we will discuss

  • How to understand and work with dreams and how dreams are working with us! There will be opportunities to work with your dreams during the day, so if you would like to look at your dreams, start writing down your dreams now and bring them with you.
  • How dreams help us to Problem Solve
  • How dreams help us to create movement in our lives
  • How dreams help us to rehearse future courses of actions that we may need to take.
  • How dreams reflect our current way of living and view of the world.
  • How dreams can set our mood for the day! 

We will consider how Adlerians view interpretation and the meaning of symbols in dreams. This workshop will be suitable for those who are interested in learning more about their dreams. It will provide an opportunity to look at an important aspect of working in an Adlerian way to understand ourselves and clients.

The Presenter

Kim Lee Own works in her own private practice as a counsellor and supervisor, as well as volunteering at a young people’s counselling service and working with students at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.
Kim has worked with parents for many years, both in groups for parenting programmes and as a coach for parents.
Kim has recently completed her Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Practice. She has also taught on both the  Certificate and Diploma Adlerian Counselling courses at the Cambridge Adlerian training.
Kim enjoys helping trainees develop their knowledge and counselling skills.
Kim develops workshops and courses with the aim of helping people find the ‘courage to be imperfect’ as well as enhance their wellbeing by increasing their outlook on life.


The impetus for the Adlerian Conference idea grew out of the development of Adlerian parent study groups, which were initiated in Ireland as far back as 1980.
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